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At ATM Towing Services, we provide fast, easy, and safe Dallas, TX, towing services for your vehicle to get you out of any inconvenient or [potentially] risky situation as soon as possible. We also provide 24/7 emergency towing services, so no matter the hour, if you are trapped in a potentially dangerous situation with nowhere to go, give us a call.

Towing Services

Car Towing

Hardly a day goes by without seeing a car broken down on the side of the road somewhere. It does not seem to matter what time of day or night you are traveling — inevitably, there is someone along the road somewhere who is having trouble with their car. If you are ever in a situation like this in Dallas, TX, the first thing you might think of is how to get out of it.

Local Hauling

When you are doing a major cleaning project, you have to get all of that junk out of your home and disposed of properly. While you can surely tackle this job on your own, it can be physically demanding and time-consuming. In addition, if you have no idea what you are doing, you also risk getting hurt.

Long-Distance Hauling

While some people prefer to live close to where they have lived their whole lives, others move to another state. Whether you are following a job or just need a change of pace, these moves can often become quite stressful.

Motorcycles & Off-Road Vehicles

At ATM Towing Services, we offer reliable and affordable motorcycle and off-road vehicle towing services in Dallas, TX. We have the most knowledgeable, certified, and highly trained tow truck operators with decades of expertise in delivering timely and reliable towing services.

Accident Removal & Recovery

How many times have you been late to work because of a car crash on the highway? You may not have been directly involved in these car crashes, but you are probably stuck in just enough traffic to realize how often they happen. Unfortunately, there is always that possibility that one day you could be a driver or a passenger in a car crash that causes heavy road or highway congestion.

Storage Container Hauling

Being a business owner in Dallas, Texas, you realize how tough it can be to handle the complexities of transporting a storage container from one location to another. Not only is it expensive, but it also takes a very long time; time that you can otherwise spend to scale your Dallas business. This is where ATM Towing Services comes in.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Every day, millions of people experience car problems that turn up at the most inconvenient times. When their automobile does not work, drivers often become panic-stricken and wonder what they are going to do next. With so many vehicles on the road, every motorist should think about what they would do if their car unexpectedly stopped working and they were stranded on the side of the highway. This is where we can help.

  • Dead Battery – Everyone knows what it is like to turn the key in the ignition only to have your car’s engine sputter out and die – you often have a dead battery on your hands.
  • Deflated Tire – A deflated tire is always a nightmare; sometimes, it can even be dangerous. If you notice that your tire is deflated, you should avoid driving on it at all costs.
  • Fuel Assistance – More often than not, we can be so consumed with our everyday lives that simple tasks can go unnoticed or be pushed to the side. You can find yourself in sticky situations when this occurs, like if your car runs out of gas.

Construction Towing Services

If you are into construction business, you know how stressful it becomes at times to manage things. There are several things you need to take care of to make sure your construction projects move in a smooth manner. Out of many things, towing your construction material and equipment is one of the prime concerns. Having your equipment and construction material delivered at your site on time is important. And the best you can do to get them delivered at your construction site is use reliable construction towing services.

Equipment Hauling

At ATM Towing Services, we offer reliable and affordable hauling solutions for your heavy construction equipment in Dallas, TX. We are equipped with a dedicated team of hauling experts, a fleet of heavy-duty hauling trucks and specialized equipment to haul your heavy construction equipment wherever it needs to, at any time of the day. No matter the size, length, width, height, or weight of your equipment, we will deliver it to your job site in a timely and safe manner. We do our job efficiently, so you can do yours.

Storage Container Hauling

Your construction business in Dallas is working round the clock to grow and expand to a broader market. Everything is running as it should have been so far — until today. Your Dallas job site is in need of a storage container; however, the storage container is sitting 250 miles away in Houston. Can you transport the storage container from Houston to Dallas on your own? Well, probably not. This is where we can help.

Fuel Delivery

Do you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles in Dallas, Texas? Are you dependent on emergency back-up generators for your Dallas business? In either case, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of a reliable and cost-effective fuel delivery service. As your Dallas business grows and expands into a broader market, so does your need to manage all the moving parts of your business efficiently while also keeping your daily operations running like clockwork.

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“Ran into a curb in far north Dallas near Addison and punctured both drivers side tires. ATM Towing Services was to me within 12 minutes on rush hour traffic and got me to discount tire before they closed with 2 minutes to spare. Great service. Very kind and timely.”

Courtney B.

“Not only did he change my tire he also checked the air level on all the tires.. very professional.”

Shantel D.

“Great customer service. Came right away and they were easy to communicate with. They were very nice. I highly recommend these guys if you’re ever in a situation where you need a tow!”

David L.

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