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For all towing needs in the Lucas, TX area, there’s no better company than ATM Towing. We offer a wide variety of services, including emergency towing and car services like changing a flat tire or transporting your car to a nearby station. They are family-owned company that’s available 24/7 for any situation. Whether you need a tow truck to take your car to the shop or you’re stranded on the side of the road, ATM Towing is here to help.

We understand that when your car breaks down, you are stranded and in need of help. That is why we offer our services 24/7, so that no matter when you need us, we will be there for you. We also know that towing can be expensive, which is why we offer competitive rates for all of our services. If you are ever in need of a tow or any other roadside assistance, do not hesitate to give ATM Towing a call. We will be there to help you out no matter what time it is or where you are.

Lucas, TX Area Towing Services

Need Towing in the Lucas, TX Area? We offer a variety of options to tow your car, or emergency roadside assistance help to get you back up and running:

Flat Bed Towing

If you’re in need of a tow truck in Lucas, TX, look no further than ATM Towing. Our experienced drivers will get you back on the road as soon as possible. We offer flat bed towing services to make sure your car is safely transported.

Flatbed towing is the preferred method of towing these days. It involves a trailer or a truck equipped with a flatbed on its rear end to transport vehicles from one location to another.

Using flatbed tow trucks is essential and has many benefit for both the drivers and the vehicles being towed. The main advantages of flatbed towing over other methods are as follows:


  • Flatbed towing is much gentler on the vehicle being towed since there is no contact between the tow truck and the vehicle. This means that there is no risk of damaging the vehicle during transport.
  • The flatbed can be raised or lowered as needed, which gives the driver more control over how the vehicle is being towed. This is especially helpful when maneuvering around tight corners or narrow spaces.
  • There is also less wear and tear on the tires of the vehicles being towed since they are not in contact with the ground while on a flatbed trailer. This can save money on maintenance and repairs down the road.
  • ATM Towing has been providing flat bed towing services to the people of Lucas, TX for over 14 years. We’re proud of our reputation as one of the best flat bed towing companies around because we’re dedicated to providing top-quality service.

Local Distance Towing

Our local distance towing services are the ideal option for moving your vehicle short distances, or needing to move materials or haul bulky items to your local waste disposal location.

Searching for local “towing service near me” in Lucas, TX? You’re in luck! Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you get your car or truck back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ATM’s offers a wide variety of towing services that are perfect for any situation. Whether you need a flatbed truck tow, a mini-truck or van tow, or even just onsite assistance, ATM has you covered. Their 24/7 availability means that you can always count on them to be there when you need them most. Plus, their competitive pricing makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable and convenient towing service.

ATM’s local towing services are reliable and affordable, making them a great option for those in need of a tow. With a variety of service options available, you can find the right fit for your needs. Whether you need a flatbed truck tow or a mini-truck or van tow, ATM has you covered. And with onsite assistance available 24 hours a day, you can rest assured that help is always close by should you need it.

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Our local hauling services are perfect for transporting equipment and materials to your local waste disposal location or job site.
​ Our local hauling services are perfect for transporting equipment and materials to your local waste disposal location or job site. We know it takes a team to complete the task of clearing out your Lucas, TX home.

That’s why we’re here for you – we can handle everything from start to finish, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter most. The best part? We work with many different companies from all over Texas with years of experience in waste management. And we’re always ready to bring you the best rates in the industry.

ATM Towing’s fleet of trucks is equipped with state-of-the-art towing equipment, ensuring a fast and safe tow every time. We understand that when you need a tow, you need it now. That’s why we offer 24/7 local distance towing services, so you can get the help you need, when you need it.

ATM Towing’s local hauling services are perfect for those times when a standard tow truck just won’t do. We can transport motorcycles, machinery, construction equipment, and other large items that need to be transported safely and securely. Our team of experienced local hauling operators will work with you to ensure your load is properly secured and delivered to its destination without incident.

Why Choose ATM Towing Services?

Do you know what sets apart a great towing company from a good one? Our guess is that unless you are in urgent need of getting your vehicle towed, you have probably never given a lot of thought to that question or its answer. We hope you are one of the fortunate few who will never find themselves in need of towing services. Though if you need one, you should choose us — and here are a few reasons why:

Prompt Service

We are quick to answer your phone calls, and one of our tow truck drivers will be there to pick up your vehicle shortly after your request. And if they are not able to reach your location right away, you will get an estimated time of arrival. 

Qualified Drivers

When it comes to your vehicle, you do not want someone loading it onto the truck that does not know what they are doing. We only engage licensed and certified tow truck operators with decades of experience in providing safe and reliable towing services in Dallas, TX.

Full Fee Disclosure

We are willing and open to disclosing all towing prices and fees before providing our Dallas towing services. So, you can rest assured that you will not be billed extra charges after receiving our towing services.

Licenses and Insurance

We retain all the proper licensing and insurance needed to be in compliance with Texas’ towing regulations.

Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 emergency services, so even in the middle of the night (when roadside assistance is most important), we will be there to lend a hand. 

Diverse Fleet

We have a diverse selection of flat-bed tow trucks, recovery vehicles, and other specialized towing equipment. This means that we are fully-equipped to handle any towing need or situation.

Emergency Towing Services

ATM Towing tow truck services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. When you need to get your car towed, contact one of our dependable and professional towing companies in Lucas, TX. We’ll take care of the rest – from getting your car safely to our storage facility or to the nearest repair shop.

If you’ve been in an accident and your car is damaged and in an unsafe driving condition, call us for help. Our experienced and certified technicians will work quickly to secure a tow truck and take your vehicle to our storage facility or to the nearest qualified repair shop.

Along with our expert towing services, we also offer emergency roadside services such as:

Dead Battery Jumpstarts:

When you go to start your car and you hear that, “click, click, click”…you know what’s happened. Your battery is dead. Even If you’re lucky enough to have jumper cables, you may be in a situation where it’s not safe to ask a stranger you help you. Even worse, if you do it incorrectly, you can not only damage your car, but hurt yourself as well. Your best bet is to call ATM Towing. We have a professional crew that will come to you where you are with a jumper box and get your car started and back on the road safely.

Flat Tire Changes

We’ve all been there…driving down the road and all of a sudden your car starts driving rough and you realize you have a flat tire. Whether you are out in the middle of nowhere or on a busy highway, changing a tire on your own can be dangerous. Oncoming and passing traffic, distracted drivers all could make the situation worse. Call our team at ATM Towing for fast and reliable tire change service while you and your loved ones wait in the safety of your vehicle. If we are not able to change your tire, our towing specialist will take your vehicle to the closest service station safe and sound.

Fuel Delivery Service

Did you miss the exit to the last gas station? Never fear! ATM Towing offers fuel delivery service. Don’t leave your valuables on the side of the road and attempt to walk to the nearest station when we can come to you with the specific fuel for your vehicle whether you need diesel or unleaded, large tank or small. Don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk. Call ATM Towing and get back on the road safe and sound.

ATM Towing is here to help when you need us the most. We understand that sometimes things happen and you can’t always be prepared and that running out of gas can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re on your way to work or taking the kids to school, the last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road. That’s why we offer fuel delivery service so you don’t have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road.

When it comes to emergency car towing in Lucas, TX, we have you covered. Trust us with your most important task: getting your car back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. We always take great pride in our work, and we will never leave you stranded on the side of the road. ATM Towing is a company that you can trust, and we are available 24/7 to help you with any situation.

We know what it’s like to be stranded and frustrated because your car broke down, so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Your family’s first priority should always be your safety and wellbeing. That’s why ATM Towing will put your needs first when making a decision about getting a tow truck for your vehicle.

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24 Hours Towing Service

If you need your car towed, you can turn to ATM Towing for 24/7 towing assistance. We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, including towing and recovery. Our company tow trucks will also offer 24-hour roadside assistance if you find yourself with a flat tire, dead battery or if you run out of gas. If you find that yourself in the middle of nowhere ATM Towing services can be invaluable.

Allen, TX residents can trust the services of our towing company to get them back on the road quickly and safely. We offer hours of towing service seven days a week, and we’re available 24/7 to help you when you need us.

Our experienced drivers are familiar with all of the routes in Allen, TX and will be able to get you where you need to go quickly and without any drama. We also provide 24-hour emergency service, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you when you need us.

Some of the most popular towing services offered by Allen include roadside assistance, flat tows, and vehicle recovery. roadside assistance can help you with things like changing a tire or getting your car towed to the nearest service station. Flatbed tows are perfect if you just need your car moved from one location to another. Vehicle recovery is available if you have been in an accident and need your car towed to the nearest body repair shop.

Whatever your need, ATM Towing has got you covered with their wide selection of towing services. So whether you need roadside assistance, flat tows, or vehicle recovery, ATM Towing will arrive with the expertise, equipment and tools you need to get back on the road safely.

ATM Towing In Lucas, TX has your towing needs COVERED!

At ATM Towing we understand that towing can be a necessary service in Lucas, TX. That’s why we offer a variety of services, including roadside assistance and towing. We also have a team of experienced drivers who are prepared to handle any situation. Contact us today to learn more about our towing service in Lucas, TX.

We have been providing our services to Lucas, TX for over 14 years. Our team at ATM Towing is committed to providing you with exceptional roadside assistance in Lucas, TX. This service includes:• Tow Truck Assistance• Flat Bed Service• Disabled Vehicle Assistance• Emergency Roadside Assistance• Lock Outs

At ATM Towing we understand that towing can be a stressful situation. That’s why we offer a variety of services, including roadside assistance and towing. Our aim is to put you at ease while we either get your car back on the road, or safely off of it to the location of your choosing. We also have a team of experienced drivers who are prepared to handle any situation. Call our team 24/7 at (469) 547-5721 today!

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